I will be back

I want to explain an upcoming absence of new posts. I injured my shoulder, at the gym, and must have surgery to repair it. I want to thank all of you for supporting this blog and I promise that more reviews will be posted. Unfortunately, I will be unable to post for several weeks, but will be back as soon as I am able to type again.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes Review


I mentioned before that my three boys were given a metric ton of PS3 games for Christmas. One of the games, which I will review here, is Lego’s Marvel Super Heroes. Anyone with young children that like to play video games will be familiar with the Lego video games. My kids absolutely love them; they seem to have most, if not all, of them. If you are unfamiliar with the Lego games I recommend you check them out, I have provided a link to Lego’s video game section on their website below.


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Roccat Sense Mouse Pad Review



It would not be unusual if you never thought about your mouse pad, if you even use one. Many computer mice today don’t require them. Although, when playing computer games, especially First Person Shooters (FPSs), a mouse pad is often a necessity. While most of the time it doesn’t seem like a mouse pad could or would make a difference, it can if the precise location of the crosshairs makes the difference between eliminating your opponent or waiting to re-spawn. In addition to the performance increase, there are several other factors to consider when purchasing a gaming mouse pad, for instance size, texture, and thickness. A quality mouse pad can greatly enhance the gaming experience. Here I am reviewing the Roccat Sense mouse pad, designed specifically for computer gamers.

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Syma S107G R/C Helicopter Review


Earlier this week, I wrote a review on the Air Hogs Megabomb R/C Helicopter. If you haven’t’ read it, check it out here. The boys also received helicopters from a family friend, but these are made by a company called Syma. In the Air Hogs review I stated that I didn’t like it due to its instability and how difficult it is to fly. Well, the Syma is almost the exact opposite. This review is for the Syma S107G R/C Helicopter.

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Air Hogs Megabomb R/C Helicopter Review




So most of my readers know that I have 3 boys ages 8, 10, and 11. Needless to say, they made out like bandits from Christmas, so I am going to spend the next couple of weeks reviewing some of the toys and games they received. My first review is for the Air Hogs Megabomb R/C helicopter.

I’m a big fan of remote control toys. I used to race gas powered 1/8th scale R/C buggies and trucks. So now that my sons are old enough to start playing with the “good” R/C vehicles I couldn’t wait to get a few. I wanted to maximize fun for the kids with something that would be easy to control and not break when the inevitable crashes occur. We also wanted the ability to play with the toy indoors, since there is over a foot of snow on the ground right now. After doing some research, I didn’t think the boys were ready for the more expensive, and possibly easier to break, helicopters. So we landed (pun intended) on the Air Hogs. If you haven’t looked at the Air Hogs fleet of R/C products, it’s pretty incredible. They have a large selection of air and land vehicles, targeted for kids.

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Grand Theft Auto V Review


I want to talk to you about Grand Theft Auto V. I debated reviewing this game or not, since the GTA series of games has historically been pretty controversial. Obviously, I decided that I would provide some information to my readers and let you guys decide to play/buy it or not. I want to start out by saying, without hesitation, this is not a game for children, teenagers, or even young adults. This is an adult game with adult language and situations. I don’t even play this game when my kids are awake. How adult you ask? Well, from my understanding, you can visit a “gentlemen’s club” and if you talk to the dancer the “correct” way, you can take her home. I can’t say how graphic it gets, but just that situation should be enough to convince you of this game’s intended audience.

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Roccat Kone Pure Gaming Mouse Review

I am going to talk about a new mouse that I bought, but I can’t just jump into that without giving you some background, so bear with me. I am definitely a creature of habit and I am somewhat OCD about change. So it has taken me some time to decide that I needed a new gaming mouse. I have been using the same mouse, a Logitech MX518 for many, many years. So many most of you reading this, even if you are versed in gaming hardware, have likely not heard of it. In its prime the MX518 was THE gaming mouse to use, but times they are a changing. The MX518, while fine for “normal” use and light gaming, was starting to show its age and how far behind it is compared to the newer technology. It just doesn’t keep up with the high pace and accuracy required in the current First Person Shooters (FPS).


So I dove head first into finding a new gaming mouse. I want to tell you guys about a computer hardware company that I had never heard of before starting this adventure into review land. The company’s name is Roccat (@Roccat). After my experiences with Razer, I am very careful about buying from a computer hardware company that I am unfamiliar with. In other words, I did a ton of research. I read hundreds of customer reviews about computer mice. I also spent countless hours reading online “professional” reviews about the best gaming mice. I began by looking at the products offered by the common sources, i.e. I did a search on Amazon. The expected mice were there from Logitech and Razer, but I knew I didn’t want a Razer and I quickly learned from the customer feedback that Logitech seems to have some quality issues lately. This was surprising, since my MX518 is over ten years old and still works.

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The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug



I want to tell you, my readers, about a new movie, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. I haven’t done a lot of movie reviews, but some movies are too good not tell people about. I promise I’m not going to provide any information that can’t be seen or figured out from the trailers; so no spoilers here. For anyone familiar with the Lord of the Rings movies or with Peter Jackson, this will probably not surprise you, but this movie is amazing.

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War Thunder Review


I’ve mentioned before that I enjoy playing Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) type games. Well, there is a new one coming out that is very cool. It’s called War Thunder. I’m not a big fan of the name, but the gameplay more than makes up for it. The game is currently in open beta, but they only have air combat available right now. They will have three game modes, air combat, ground combat, and sea combat. There is not much information on ground or sea, so I will focus on air for this post. As more information comes out, I will post additional articles covering those topics.
War Thunder is set in the World War II era, so all the vehicles in the game were used, at one point, during that War. Unless you are a military history buff, at first it may seem limiting, but I was surprised at the number of aircraft available. As of this writing, 186 planes are available. You don’t get every plane from the beginning; more vehicles become available as you level and “research” the new platforms. I have only played a few hours, so I have not unlocked any of the really high level planes, but even the starter planes are a blast to fly.

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Battlefield 4 Review

Battlefield 4 Review

To kick off the new focus on providing more frequent updates, I want to start with a game series that I have a history playing and holds fond memories. The Battlefield series (@Battlefield) of games are first person shooters (FPS), set in various global locations and time periods. The first Battlefield game launched in 2002 with the title Battlefield 1942. Originally released only on Windows and OS X, now the releases include the Xbox and PlayStation platforms. The newest version, released on Oct. 29th of this year, is Battlefield 4. The battlefield series of games is a staple of the FPS genre.


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