Giveaway Event coming Tuesday!

I just got approval from my employer that I am allowed to blog, so I am signing up for events to grow! Coming on Tuesday, I’ll be participating in an event to giveaway a Visalus 90 Day Challenge $100 and a Balance Kit. This is a FREE event to participate in, sign ups are currently still open, just fill out this form to sign up! Put up a promotional post on your blog when you sign up, get your facebook page included for free (open to blogs of ALL sizes) and then post about the event on Tuesday.

Facebook Blast Signups now open

I am participating in my first “blog” event. I’m still new to this whole blogging thing, and trying to figure it out. I’m thinking an event to grow my Facebook fans is a good place to start. So, on Feb 1 I’ll have my first giveaway up for a $100 Amazon Gift Card as part of the Facebook Amazon Blast. If you’d like to sign up also, just send a $1.50 per account to with your email address. She’ll then email you instructions and a form to fill out. The event will run from Feb 1 at 9:00am EST to Feb 15 at 12:01pm EST. You may post on each blog you own, one post per facebook account. Instructions on posting to your Facebook page can be found here.