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I’ve mentioned before that I enjoy playing Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) type games. Well, there is a new one coming out that is very cool. It’s called War Thunder. I’m not a big fan of the name, but the gameplay more than makes up for it. The game is currently in open beta, but they only have air combat available right now. They will have three game modes, air combat, ground combat, and sea combat. There is not much information on ground or sea, so I will focus on air for this post. As more information comes out, I will post additional articles covering those topics.
War Thunder is set in the World War II era, so all the vehicles in the game were used, at one point, during that War. Unless you are a military history buff, at first it may seem limiting, but I was surprised at the number of aircraft available. As of this writing, 186 planes are available. You don’t get every plane from the beginning; more vehicles become available as you level and “research” the new platforms. I have only played a few hours, so I have not unlocked any of the really high level planes, but even the starter planes are a blast to fly.

Air combat in War Thunder is amazing. I could just stop there, seriously, it is that amazing, but I won’t. When I was first reading about this game, the premise of trying to dogfight with an aircraft using a mouse didn’t get me excited. I have tried flying in other games, like Battlefield, but I’m not good at it. Actually, I’m more bad than good. Fortunately, War Thunder changed my mind.
Flying in War Thunder is pretty simple. It’s so simple that I loaded up the game and showed my 10 year old how the controls worked. Within minutes he was chasing other planes and shooting them. Granted I think he is a super genius, but I am probably biased.


In game screenshot:



So I have covered gameplay, did I mention it was amazing, but I know you want to ask me “did they skimp on graphics? or sound? or do the planes look authentic? The answer is no, no, and yes; all of that is top notch. In fact I was flying around last night and commented to my wife just how good the graphics are in the game; which I rarely do. The planes look exactly like they do in real life, down to details that most developers would not have included. They have done an awesome job at sound too. In fact, they recorded the actual planes for the game. Yes, I said that right, the game developers traveled to different air shows to record the engine sounds for each of the different planes, at various engine RPMs and in flight, for the game. They have videos on their website that shows some of their recording sessions, you can watch one of them here. They have also done this for the ground vehicles, which you can watch here. This is the type of attention to detail that impresses me.

So if you have a gaming computer and you are even remotely interested, I recommend downloading the beta game files and trying it out. I think you will be happy you did.

If you would like to learn more about War Thunder, I recommend a visit to their website – http://warthunder.com/

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